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Win a Beretta ARX 100!

Daniel Molina - Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beretta fans, here is your chance to when a Beretta ARX 100! Visit to see details. Don't be greedy and share with your friends. Ha! 

AR's have been around a long time and have proven to be a great rifle both for the military and consumer. Beretta did it again with the new ARX 100 in leading in some cool technology.

Here are some features on the Beretta ARX 100:

  • Right and left hand magazine catch with a third catch that you can use with your thumb.
  • The charging handle can be changed left or right in matters of seconds.
  • The barrel can also be changed out in matters of seconds. Literally. Others AR's take several minutes.
  • With the tip of the bullet you can change the direction of the ejection area

Do you have this AR? If you do drop us a line on Facebook or comment below on your thoughts!

Here is a quick video of a Beretta ARX 100

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